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Who is this person on Newgrounds?

2016-10-18 05:08:16 by Houtarou

Hi everybody,

I'm Houtarou and this is my... account??? Art??? News???...

Anyway, about me:6081422_147678163052_hugme.png

  • A weird dude that has an amazing imaginative world [at least I think it is]
  • A crazy guy that always try new, crazy things [but not like a psychopath]
  • A myterious man... NO ONE WILL KNOW MY NEXT MOVE [I exaggerate that]
  • A noob on Newgrounds, also on Art. Therefore, I'm very happy and grateful if you give feedback on my works.

Oh, I almost forgot something very IM-POR-TANT:




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2016-10-18 07:17:05

A creative introduction for a creative individual. :) Looks like you'll fit right in here! Welcome to NG! And thanks for the inspiration!


2016-10-18 13:00:41

Alright, cool. Welcome to Newgrounds. Beautiful? Talented? Nah I had things taken from me that I will never recover. " In a kingdom of thieves, the ways of an honest man will always be a crime.”
― Dennis Adonis

Houtarou responds:

Hi man,
I know this is personal and we've just met each other, but what happened to you?
And if you don't want to answer, that's ok.